I have experience with...

Video prod

I have significant video editing experience with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Sony Vegas Pro. I’m also Lynda certified for Adobe After Effects CC. Compositing is my name, and video projects are my game. Additionally, I take great pride in my use of High Definition and 4K camcorders.

Web Design

I am well versed in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress CMS, and Gato CMS. In fact, I’ve taught entire class sections about HTML, CSS, and WordPress CMS. Front end web development is no challenge for me. I can design websites solo, or work as part of a larger contribution team.


I have nearly two years of broadcasting under my belt, both for radio and television. Every fall I work for KBVO-TV, KXAN’s sister station, as a member of the TV Production Crew for live sports. Additionally, I’m a program producer for KTSW-FM 89.9, the other side of radio. I’m entirely acquainted with live DJing through the WideOrbit Automation System for radio.


Lastly, I’m a Poynter-Cronkite certified Adjunct Instructor, and have spent precisely one year as an instructional assistant at the Texas State University School of Journalism & Mass Communication. I have assisted with a variety of topics from web design multimedia courses to writing for mass media. One day, I hope to be a professor at my alma mater.

About Charles

I’m currently a graduate student and instructional assistant at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Texas State University. I am studying for my M.A. in Mass Communication & Digital Media. I also completed my undergraduate degree at Texas State, where I received my B.S. in Mass Communication & Electronic Media with a concentration in Multimedia Production. Simply put, I’m a self-motivated young man dedicated to making your multimedia dreams come true. If I’m a good fit for your project, I’d like to work with you. Otherwise, I’m not afraid to say no, and refer you to someone else that I think would be a better match. One of the biggest early influences as a media professional was my childhood hobby of building computers. Piecing together computer hardware is still one of my passions to this day. What started as a small hobby with PCs eventually turned into a career plan.

A sample of my work

Motion Graphics for Amperage Media

The Nepalese Journey

Bobcat Update Demo Reel

Triple Crown San Marcos Documentary

Live TV Production

Radio Production